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Sailing Croatia

I feel like this post should be titled ‘Why I will never sail with Yacht Week again’…

My week sailing in Croatia could’ve been one of my favourite holidays to date – “could’ve been” because we ended up with a ‘situation’ at the end of our holiday. Yacht Week took our deposit – 3,000 euros (!!!) – for a sail that snapped as our skipper (who works for Yacht Week) was reeling it in. Basically, trying to fob it off like we broke a sail  when it was obviously a maintenance issue (compounding this, the yacht we were on wasn’t even the one we paid for – it was an older model). Despite our best efforts to get the money back – surprise surprise – they have totally ignored us since the end of our trip.

That was just one of a myriad of issues we had throughout the whole week, which was a real shame because as otherwise it would’ve been a top notch holiday. This experience has completely put any of us ever dealing with Yacht Week again – there are plenty of other operators out there (Sail Croatia, Med Sailors etc) which I would encourage everybody to go through, unless you enjoy paying extraordinary amounts of money for their issues.

Anyway, with that out of the way – here are some holiday snaps! Sunshine, unbelievable scenery, crystal clear waters, amazing food (when we didn’t follow Yacht Week’s suggestions – here’s a tip for you)… there is nothing quite like napping on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

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