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Ahh Firenze – I don’t think there’s anybody that visits Italy and doesn’t fall in love with the country.   Had a wonderful girls trip away for the long weekend, made even better by the fact that I was joined by my oldest (in terms of friendship years, not people years!) friends from back home. Florence was also properly warm in May (unlike London’s BS ‘summer’) – I might have actually broken out in a sweat walking along the Ponte Vecchio.  Of course the only way to combat heat like that is to (over)indulge in gelato (a massive weakness of mine) and ridiculous Nutella treats. Three gelatos a day keeps the doctor away…right?

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Istanbul has long been on my places to visit list and it didn’t disappoint. Some of the most beautiful mosques I’ve ever seen (the Blue Mosque really does live up to the hype), amazing rooftop bars on every corner (seriously, there are so many more places in the world that need to capitalize on this) and delicious food everywhere (pistachio chocolate anyone? And who knew I’d love salty yogurt drinks – oh Ayran I do dream of you). We even managed to master saying ‘ thank you’ in Turkish, which is possibly the most difficult thank you I’ve had to learn – but I don’t think I’ll ever forget now!

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Despite the fact that I injured my knee halfway through ski week (along with accidentally ending up on a black run on my second day and having to do a walk of shame for half the route, losing my ski pole on the chairlift and splitting my ski trousers – all in the same day I might add) – Zermatt was still a brilliant holiday. What’s there not to like when you get to spend your week in a ski lodge with a a private chef, apres ski parties and surroundings like this?  I’m definitely not going to be winning any medals for skiing anytime soon but you know what, riding the gondolas all across the resort is amazingly fun.

Also, if you would like to know how £28 of asparagus looks like, click the link below…

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Wow, I really am terrible at keeping a blog. I actually think it’s because since Brugge, I stopped taking my DSLR around with me and instead resorted to my Canon S110 which lets be honest, whilst is a decent point and shoot just isn’t the same. But laziness (as always) won out in the end – the freedom of not having to carry an SLR with me everywhere was just too good to resist… until I look back at the photos and see every limitation and missed opportunity! Mid year goal: stop being lazy. Or improve my shoulder carrying muscles. Or just harden the f up.

Anyway, I’ve got a ton of photos to try an upload… starting from my birthday weekend in Paris earlier this year. I’ve been to Paris before (co-incidentally I was in Paris for my 21st birthday) and wasn’t overly impressed. This time however, I fulfilled every cliche and fell in love with this undeniably magical city.

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