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Sailing Croatia

I feel like this post should be titled ‘Why I will never sail with Yacht Week again’…

My week sailing in Croatia could’ve been one of my favourite holidays to date – “could’ve been” because we ended up with a ‘situation’ at the end of our holiday. Yacht Week took our deposit – 3,000 euros (!!!) – for a sail that snapped as our skipper (who works for Yacht Week) was reeling it in. Basically, trying to fob it off like we broke a sail  when it was obviously a maintenance issue (compounding this, the yacht we were on wasn’t even the one we paid for – it was an older model). Despite our best efforts to get the money back – surprise surprise – they have totally ignored us since the end of our trip.

That was just one of a myriad of issues we had throughout the whole week, which was a real shame because as otherwise it would’ve been a top notch holiday. This experience has completely put any of us ever dealing with Yacht Week again – there are plenty of other operators out there (Sail Croatia, Med Sailors etc) which I would encourage everybody to go through, unless you enjoy paying extraordinary amounts of money for their issues.

Anyway, with that out of the way – here are some holiday snaps! Sunshine, unbelievable scenery, crystal clear waters, amazing food (when we didn’t follow Yacht Week’s suggestions – here’s a tip for you)… there is nothing quite like napping on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

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Ahh Firenze – I don’t think there’s anybody that visits Italy and doesn’t fall in love with the country.   Had a wonderful girls trip away for the long weekend, made even better by the fact that I was joined by my oldest (in terms of friendship years, not people years!) friends from back home. Florence was also properly warm in May (unlike London’s BS ‘summer’) – I might have actually broken out in a sweat walking along the Ponte Vecchio.  Of course the only way to combat heat like that is to (over)indulge in gelato (a massive weakness of mine) and ridiculous Nutella treats. Three gelatos a day keeps the doctor away…right?

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