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Nike Free 5.0

I can finally understand the hype around Nike free’s. Although I could never run in them (my old man knees would never cope) they are an almost perfect casual walking travel shoe. And yes, I happily wear sneakers when travelling – gone are the days when fashion trumps comfort.  Hence why you’ll only ever see waist-up travel photos of me 🙂


Hello weekend

My favourite way to start the weekend,7am 5km run + breakfast and tea.


Two weeks ago, after almost three months of injury I did a 5km run. My time barely cracked 33 minutes and to say I felt discouraged was putting it lightly. Prior to getting injured I was running sub 26 fairly consistently with the aim of brining that down to low 20’s this year and maybe (maybe) giving a half tri a go. I knew my first run back wouldn’t be great, but I (perhaps naively?) didn’t think it would be almost 8 minutes worse.

I wanted to post this photo, not because the time is any good but because after 2 weeks, today, I finally managed to crack sub 30. Things are looking up. The worst part about running is having to get fit and the best part is getting faster and that feeling of knowing your fitness is improving.  I am truly a lost soul without exercise.

I should also say, I’m definitely not a runner by any means – I do one 5km run a week (parkrun) and if it wasn’t for that this post probably would never have existed!

Attempting to swim

After spraining both (yes, both) my ankles a just before Christmas and being rather bluntly told by my physio I can’t get back into high impact sport until March, I’ve recently started swimming. I haven’t swam laps since high school (and never really enjoyed it then either) so I always knew a transition into the pool would be reasonably painful… and I wasn’t wrong. Swimming is tough! And I’m pretty sure my technique is non-existent, but nevertheless it’s a start. My aim is to swim 1500m freestyle without stopping (baby steps) in however long it takes me and then hopefully be able to either increase my pace or distance (or both) from there. I found a 0 to 1500m program here which looks reasonable – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fit 3 swims in a week once touch footy season starts but I’m going to give it a go anyhow.

Honestly, the most difficult part is actually getting off my butt, into my togs and out to the pool – once I’m in I actually quite enjoy the repetition of the laps. Yep…no one is more surprised than me.