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Hey hair

Went to a friend’s engagement party last night – was going to wear my hair out like I always do (boring) but it was (still!) is so warm in Brisbane that I ended up putting it into a sideways updo (which I remembered seeing from this Youtube tute) in the last 3 minutes before running out the door. Big deal for me as I am completely unadventurous when it comes to hair!



Dropped some serious coin in Singapore Zara today. I usually try and restrain myself whilst shopping in any non European or American Zara (the markup on Zara in Australia and Singapore is atrocious – sometimes it’s actually cheaper for me to purchase through the US site with a parcel forwarder…), however I managed to pick up these beauties (amongst others) for a crazy good price.  After lusting over these (and of course the original Chloe versions which I will never be able to afford) for what feels like forever, it’s good to finally see them sitting in my wardrobe.  Hooray!