I was born with a reading list I will never finish

After my Nook died a premature death, I put off buying another e-reader, namely because there wasn’t (at that time) a good enough choice here in Australia. Ended up ordering the Kindle Paperwhite when it got released through a parcel forwarder and a (loooong) 3 months later it finally arrived.  Since I got it last December there’s rarely a day that goes by without it being switched on – I’ve powered through so many books (some better than others) but it has completely re-kindled (ha) my love for reading.

And for those supporters of paper only books – I can see your point, but try carting around the hardback version of A Dance With Dragons on the bus every day and it might just change your mind…



  1. Nina

    I totally feel you – I own the hardback of ADwD and ended up reading it in its entirety on my Kindle. Unfortunately, my Kindle passed away quite unexpectedly a while back and there was nothing we could to about it. I have been a bit on the fence about buying another e-reader since.

  2. meds

    that last line was hilarious and true 😉 i love my kindle and its tonnes of books (ok, maybe just 30) that can keep me entertained.

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